The 1989/90 WAVERLEY REDS who won the Inaugural ABL Championship

Back row: Matthew Sheldon-Collins, Craig Kernick, Pete Beeler, David Thiele, David Simpson, Richard Sisson, Geoff Dunn.
Middle row: David Buckthorpe, Alan Tanner (Pitching coach), Carl Grovom, Quinn Marsh, Ron Owen (Assistant coach), Robert Hogan,
                    David Clarkson, Richard King, Ian Hubble.
Front row: Simon Sheldon-Collins, Mark Respondek, Scott Dawes, Phil Dale (Manager), Marshall Skinner, Ron Carothers, Mark Linger.

The 1994/95 WAVERLEY REDS - The First Dual Championship Winners!

Back Row: Simon Ratcliffe, Simon Sheldon-Collins, Michael Nakamura, Scott Dawes, Glen Reeves, Andrew Utting, Matthew Sheldon-Collins,
                  Brendan Edwards, Aaron Harvey, Brendan Ratcliffe.
Middle Row: Bruce Utting (Equipment Manager), Matthew Hopkinson (Physio), Myles Barnden, Jeff Spencer, Rowan Chapman,
                    Andrew Spencer, Dirk Blair, Warren May, Justin Whitford, David Clarkson, Kevin O'Connor, Ben Utting, Brian Kowitz,
                    Chris Ryne (Bat boy), Chris Woodman (Physio), George Jenko (Doctor).
Front Row: Lee Hogan, Adam Burton, Phil Dale, Paul Runge (Manager), Neil Burke (Assistant Coach), Alan Tanner (Pitching Coach),
                   Aaron Turnier.                                                                             Absent - David Nilsson

The 1997/98 MELBOURNE REDS celebrate their ABL Championship victory at Melbourne Ballpark.
The REDS becoming the only team in Australian Baseball League history to lift the title three times.
In doing so they held the famous CLAXTON SHIELD (at left) and FAI CUP (at right).